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Positive Shut-off Nozzles

FT1 Nozzle

For non-drip dispensing and clean cutoff with stringy products Hibar offers a line of pneumatically driven Positive Shutoff nozzles in a variety of sizes. With their high quality stainless steel 1-piece construction fill tube and single seal design these nozzles are easy to clean and maintain. Options include stroke adjustment and stoke monitoring for systems integration

FT3 Nozzle

The FT-3 Positive Shut-off Nozzle product line offers larger nozzle sizes and various dispensing options such as the shower head nozzle and multi-capillary nozzles.

HPS Nozzle

Designed with large output bores the HPS Series is ideal for drip free dispensing of fluids with large chunks or suspended particles.  This nozzle is designed primarily for the food industry where ease of cleaning and sanitation are most important.

Custom Nozzles