The Company

Hibar Systems is a leading North American manufacturer of high technology automated liquid dispensing and filling systems.

Hibar manufactures:

  • Precision dispensing pumps and filling systems.
  • Complex high-speed integrated battery assembly lines.
  • High-performance custom engineered packaging systems.
  • Automated assembly systems.

Among Hibar’s latest technology offerings are its advanced Automated Vacuum Filling Systems for Lithium-ion battery applications for use in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, computer notebooks and similar products.

Hibar provides complete design, engineering and manufacturing automation expertise, including special equipment design and development in an integrated offering.


From small automation and development projects to sophisticated multimillion dollar high speed automated assembly lines, our experience and all-inclusive, integrated structure means Hibar’s organization is exceptionally equipped to provide our customers with innovative automation solutions starting from the preliminary concept stage, to complete mechanical and electrical design, machine fabrication and assembly, through to final commissioning at the customers site.

From the early concept stages of a project our Applications Engineering group work closely with our customer to develop concepts based on the customers URS (User Requirements Specifications). From inception to completion all projects are subject to detailed computerized project management practices to ensure cost, schedule and performance criteria are met or exceeded.

With decades of international experience in a diverse range of industries, the ability to innovate has become one of Hibar’s trade-mark competencies that has been built on a foundation of solid mechanical and electrical design capability together with extensive state of the art in-house manufacturing facilities and integrated computerized business management systems. As a result, Hibar has the unique ability to move quickly from concept, to prototype, to final production with the proven reputation of providing our customers with high performance systems at the best possible prices.

Research and Development

Hibar is a world leader in the development of liquid dispensing systems and custom factory automation and specializes in battery manufacturing technology, high-speed integrated battery assembly lines and automated vacuum filling systems.

We recognize that continuous research and development is fundamental to improving our ability to innovate and maintain our technological leadership position in the industries we serve.

As a result, Hibar invests a significant portion of its revenues into research and development projects and is an active participant in the Canadian Government’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program.

Hibar’s research and development program not only includes on-going advancements to our own standard product lines but also, in partnership with our customers, Hibar offers comprehensive product development services including product and process design, manufacturing of prototypes and “proof of principle” trials and testing.

These development efforts are backed by our comprehensive in-house engineering and manufacturing experience and provide our customers with “turn-key” development and automation technology for their products.




The heart of Hibar’s operations is our high powered engineering team.  With a skilled team of designers and many years of automation experience, a highly collaborative approach of shared expertise is taken for each project.  This results in exceptional attention to detail and optimal design solutions.

Hibar uses state of the art 3D modeling throughout the mechanical design process together with full 3D mechanical simulation and finite analysis capabilities.  This ensures optimum efficiency in system development and supporting documentation.


Hibar’s team of in-house controls engineers is comprised of certified engineers and technologists that are continuously trained and upgraded to maintain peak skills in the latest trends in machine controls technologies.

Automated software is used extensively for the design of our system’s controls which provides accurate and efficient design schematics and comprehensive documentation.

A disciplined, structured approach is applied for all automation software development resulting in consistent easy to follow machine logic and user friendly machine interfaces.


By following proven project management principles, our experienced team of Project Engineers are capable of managing the myriad of logistics associated with even the most complex automation projects.

Using our integrated computerized information system, our Project Engineers work closely with our customers with a goal of exceeding expectations. By closely managing timelines, expediting, tracking costs and resources our Project Engineering Team ensures that projects are completed on-time and on budget and with the high performance that Hibar’s customers have grown to expect.


Hibar has developed special expertise in the manufacture of many unique precision components including those made from advanced materials such as glass, ceramic, stellite or titanium.

The premises owned and occupied by Hibar include three modern, fully air-conditioned plants with approximately 130,000 square feet of floor area.

Our comprehensive facilities provide the ability for in-house manufacturing of virtually any parts required ranging from one of a kind prototype parts to high volume production.

Hibar Systems has extensive machining facilities with a full compliment of computer numerical control (CNC) equipment and programmed by Mastercam, including:

  • CNC Machining Centres
  • CNC Precision Lathes
  • CNC Grinding Machines

Quality Control

The quality of Hibar’s manufactured components is ensured by our full time, dedicated Quality Control Team.  They are extensively equipped with the latest computerized precision measurement and test equipment to guarantee that all manufactured part meet or exceed specification.

Mechanical & Electrical Assembly

Quality and pride in workmanship are fundamental principles evident throughout Hibar. Our assembly and testing teams consist of highly skilled toolmakers, fitters and technicians with a broad range of skills required for assembling the dive’rse range of products manufactured by Hibar.

From the smallest precision metering pumps to sophisticated automated assembly machines, high quality standards together with attention to detail and rigorous testing ensures systems and products with the best performance and reliability.

Integration, Commissioning and Testing

For complex automated systems, Hibar incorporates a team of dedicated technicians to ensure smooth electrical and mechanical integration of all modules.

Prior to shipping to the customer site, each system is subject to rigorous mechanical and electrical operational testing against the target specifications including detailed induced failure mode analysis to ensure optimum efficiency and system performance upon commissioning on-site.

Service and Training

An integral part of Hibar’s strength is our worldwide “blue-chip” customer base.

As a result of our diverse product range, Hibar Systems provides products, systems and service to many different industries including:

  • Battery Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • General Technical Industries
  • Our customer base spans the globe and includes many well known, high profile, multinational companies which are world leaders in their respective fields.

In the battery industry, Hibar’s customers include virtually all major manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia.